Why Liquid Rubber Floor Coating is for Everyone

There are so many different options when it comes to selecting a flooring system for your home or business. In many cases, people opt to make conventional choices for those flooring systems. Cement for the garage or factory floor, wood for the living room or waiting room, etc. However, for those who are looking for alternative solutions that offer more versatility and durability, liquid rubber floor coatings make an excellent choice.

For one, a liquid rubber floor coating offers a higher degree of resistance to water, chemicals and bacteria than other flooring solutions. This can be particularly useful in places like garages and factory floors. Those areas are constantly bombarded with chemicals and heavy foot and machine traffic. Because of this, traditional cement floors often break down and wear out over time. However, with a liquid rubber floor coating, homeowners and business owners will find that their floors provide greater durability.

One thing that people worry about before electing to install liquid rubber floor coating is the amount of work that will be required to install it. This isn’t a real concern though. Provided the existing floor is cleaned adequately, the liquid rubber floor coating can be applied to whatever flooring system you already have in place. This means that you won’t have to waste valuable time away from your home or business while the existing floor is being ripped up. The liquid rubber floor coating is simply applied to what you already have in place.

Liquid Rubber Floor Coatings Outside Your Home or Business

Outside of the factory or your garage, there are a lot of other places that can benefit from the use of a liquid rubber floor coating. Two major ones are in the boating and RV sector. In both instances, owners of either of these recreational vehicles will necessarily be looking for a flooring solution that can hold up. That’s why these owners often turn to liquid rubber.

With a boat, it’s just a fact of life that you’re going to take on water. A liquid rubber floor coating offers an attractive option because it is incredibly resistant to the damaging effects of water corrosion. In addition, because liquid rubber is antibacterial, it will guard against the health risks that can be associated with standing water.

In the RV world, you’re going to be living life on the road. When you come home from a long day hiking or exploring, you’re going to want a flooring system in place that will hold up to whatever you track in with you. That’s why RV owners often turn to liquid rubber floor coatings. They’ll be able to hold up to all the dirt and grime, while also being durable and sturdy enough to handle life on the open road.

So no matter what your flooring needs are, it’s advisable to strongly consider a liquid rubber floor coating. Such rubber floor coatings have the durability that you’ve been looking for.

8 thoughts on “Why Liquid Rubber Floor Coating is for Everyone

  1. can your liquid rubber material bond to a concrete slab floor that has a leveling coating which includes epoxy. !000 sq ft needed.
    do you have applicators in the Ann Arbor MI area?

    • Hi for concrete you would first need to apply the proflex primer depending in what the floor will be used for some of the flooring epoxy’s might be better please give our office a call at 610-298-1989
      Thank you

  2. I am building a new house and want install a rubber base flooring in the garage and my workshop. I do not want to paint it, I want a rubber base floor.

  3. Hi I purchased a used sea container with a wooden floor. Now I want to use your product to pour on the floor to create a bathroom floor. Will your product work for this. How thick can we apply it.

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