Three Advantages That a Fully Adhered EPDM Rubber Roof Can Provide

The world of roofing is filled with options. Deciding on the right type of roof can be a bit difficult can be a bit difficult for a home or commercial building owner. Traditional asphalt shingle roofs are very common, but can be very problematic over time. For buildings or homes with flat or sloped roofing surfaces, the use of EPDM is wise. Having an EPDM rubber roof can be very beneficial due to the durability and low cost that it has. There are a variety of different installation methods that can be used with EPDM, but none of them are quite as beneficial as the fully adhered method. Here are some of the benefits that come along with getting a fully adhered EDPM roof for a home or commercial building.

Very Lightweight and Flexible

In order to make the roofing material fit on an unusually shaped roof, the professionals will have to use a lightweight and flexible material. Using EPDM that is fully adhered to the structure is the best way for a roofing profession to get the play they need to make it fit properly. Most people have the misconception that just because a roofing material is flexible it must be flimsy and unreliable. In all actuality, an EPDM rubber roof is one of the most durable types of materials out there.

A Very High Wind Rating

By anchoring the EPDM to the structure of the roof, a home or commercial owner will be increasing the amount of wind resistance that their roofing has. If the building in question is very tall, then getting this type of roofing is essential in keeping it anchored down during higher than normal gusts of wind. Due to the method that is used in this type of roofing, it is nearly impossible for the wind to penetrate the underside of it.

A Higher Degree of Aesthetic Appeal

If the building or home in question is visible to the public, then a fully adhered EPDM rubber roof is the best way to keep a high level of aesthetic appeal. Other types of roofing use fasteners or ballasts to anchor the material use down. The fully adhered EPDM roof uses adhesives that are placed on the underside of the material. This means that it will create a flat and smooth appearance for the roof.

Easy to Maintain

Among the biggest concerns that most home or commercial building owners will have when choosing a roof is the amount of maintenance it will require. Due to the highly durable nature of the EPDM rubber roof, a home or commercial building owner will not have to worry about expensive maintenance procedures on a frequent basis.

Taking the time to weigh all of the options in the EPDM rubber roof world will make it easy for a home or commercial building owner to make the right decision. Seeking out advice from a professional familiar with EPDM roofing is the best way for a person to get the information they need.

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