Rubber Roof Coatings – A Fix for Recurring Roofing Issues

Between summer thunderstorms and winter snow, your roof has to put up with a lot over a year. When it finally starts to break down, you can easily end up spending a lot to have it repaired. But spending an arm and a leg to have your roof repaired shouldn’t be a yearly expense. There must surely be something you can do to keep your roof from deteriorating before it starts to settle in. Just like anything else, the more you care for your roof, the longer it will last

Where the Damage Usually Starts

You should regularly check your roof for signs of damage or disrepair. If it’s been a while since you took a trip up onto the roof, we recommend doing so carefully. While you’re up there, inspect for the tell-tale signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

You’ll commonly find water leaking through small cracks or openings where the seams have started to peel away due to age or weather. In the winter, you’ll sometimes feel cool drafts blowing through holes caused by scratches or punctures in the roof. Other issues you might find include pools of water that can cause deterioration and hint at poor roof drainage.

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for these routine and common roofing problems. The fix is to apply a new rubber roof coating.

Rubber Roof Coatings

If you talk to a roofing specialist, they’ll tell you how popular rubber roof coatings have become in the past few years. This is because they solve just about all of the problems you’ll find on a typical roof. Applying a rubber roof coating helps to seal your roof in a seamless and uniform coating that can stand up to weather, harsh temperatures, and aging. When applied correctly, you’ll get decades more use out of your roof before replacing it.

Compared to installing a standard new gravel BUR roof, you’ll save more on installation and upkeep thanks to how durable rubber roofs are. Water is unable to seep through the airtight rubber, meaning that come rain, snow, sleet, or even dust storms, your roof is protected from the elements.

If that’s not enough to convince you, a rubber roof can also save you money on your power bill. Thanks to the variety of colors that rubber roofs come in, you can pick more eco-friendly options. Going for a stark white gives a striking impression, but it also helps to reflect the sun’s rays off your building. You’ll cut the surface temperature of your property in third, meaning you’ll not have to spend as much to cool the interior. 

Once you’ve taken into account the lower maintenance and higher energy efficiency, you’ll have saved thousands of dollars throughout the roof’s life.

A Simple Switch

You’re probably wondering how easily a rubber roof coating can be applied. For something with so many benefits, there must be at least one drawback. If there is, it’s not with the application. Rubber roof coatings are so simple you can apply them yourself. With an all-in-one coating, all you’ll have to do is clean the roof, make any needed repairs, and roll it out across the roof. Just about the hardest thing about switching to a rubber roof is deciding to do so. But if you make the right decision, you’ll have yourself a roof guaranteed to last longer and save you more money down the line. Quit hassling with those recurring roof problems and switch to a rubber roof coating

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