Leaks, Tears and Ponding Water: Signs It Is Time For EPDM Rubber Roof Repair

Most business owners are unaware of just how important their roofing system is. Without the protection that a roof offers, the interior portion of a commercial building will fall into a state of disrepair. For most business owners, the only logical choice when it comes to roofing materials is EPDM. Having an EPDM rubber roof will allow a commercial building to get the maximum amount of protection from all that Mother Nature has to dish out. Just like any other type of roofing material, eventually EPDM will start to show signs of wear. There are a number of signs that a business owner may see when it comes time to get their EPDM roofing repaired. Taking notice of these signs and acting swiftly can save a commercial building owner a lot of time and stress.

The Appearance of Ponding Water

Water is one of the biggest enemies that a commercial building owner has. Having too much water on the roof or in the gutter system of a building can be very problematic. If the business owner starts to notice that there are a number of puddles on their EPDM rubber roof after a hard rain, they need to act.

The longer that these puddles sit without evaporating, the more an issue they will begin to cause. Eventually, the ponding water spots on an EPDM roof will cause leakage issues. A professional will be able to troubleshoot the problem and find out what is causing it.

Sun Damaged Spots

The EPDM rubber roof that a commercial building owner has will be constantly exposed to the sun. Over time, the roof may begin to show signs of sun damage. Usually, this type of damage will surface as spots or holes in the EPDM. There are a number of things that a roofing professional can do to fix this type of problem, but the most common is a patch.

By patching the hole that the sun has caused, the roofing professional will be able to eliminate the risk of a leak developing. In some instances, a business owner will think that they can patch these holes along. This will usually lead to a variety of issues and in some instances even more damage.

Separation or Tears in the Seams of the EPDM Rubber Roof

Another sign that an EPDM rubber roof needs to be repairs is visible tearing or separating on the seams of the roofing. This is generally caused by the roofing being sealed improperly. The only way to remedy this issue is by resealing the EPDM with the appropriate materials. Professionals will have no problem pulling up the existing EPDM to fix it and reseal it in a hurry.

Performing routine inspections of a commercial roof will help a business owner to catch repair issues early on. Being able to catch these issues before they become worse will save a business owner a lot of money in the long run.

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