How to Fix Your Leaky Roof

Roof leaks are nothing to take lightly. A hole no bigger than a sliver can cause all kinds of damage if you’re not quick about addressing it. However, not all roof leaks need a professional’s services. Instead, you can save a lot of money by simply taking care of the problem yourself, even if it’s a commercial building. Let’s look at how.

Shingle Roof Leaks

Most homeowners are living under shingles, meaning that’s the source of their roof leak to some degree or another. First, if you can, get to your attic with a flashlight and take a look around. The cause of the leak should be abundantly clear because of watermarks. That tells you which part of the roof you need to address.

Now all you need to do is get on top of your roof and find the area that corresponds to the leak in your attic. Once you find it, the leak should be one of two things. When it comes to residential homes with shingles, roof leaks are either because of the shingles themselves becoming damaged or something penetrating the roof.

If it’s the former, just replace the shingles. Remove the ones that are damaged and replace them with new ones using either adhesive, nails, or both (find out what works best for your particular shingle).

Sometimes the roof has been comprised. It could be because of a “shiner”, meaning the roofer put a nail through your actual roof and now water is leaking in. Other times, it could be that ice and snow built up during the winter and clogged gutters forced them to melt into your home. Of course, sometimes it’s just vermin or another random event that compromised your roof to cause the leak.

Fortunately, all you need is some roof coating, putty, caulk, or other material to fill in the area where the water is getting through. You may need to remove shingles to access that point, but so long as they weren’t damaged, you can just replace them when the repair is finished.

Flat Roofs

Other people, especially those who own commercial buildings, will experience roof leaks without shingles. Flat roofs tend to give their weak point away via puddles. Water pools there and eventually forces its way in. So begin by mopping up the water before continuing with leaking roof repair.

Once you do this, you should notice the hole or leak where the water is entering your building. You’ll need to remove the roofing around this area to assess the situation. Chances are you’ll find more water, which is fine. You can still repair these roof leaks,

just mop up that water first too. Once it’s dry and you’ve removed any damaged material, apply EPDM rubber to the area. Whether it’s the liquid version or the kind you roll out like a carpet, be sure you cover the leak by two or three inches on all sides. This application will set within minutes and your problem is now solved.

While it’s cost effective to fix roof leaks on your own, don’t forget that sometimes professionals are necessary. If the problem has to do with plumbing or the leak is especially large, call a contractor.

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