Liquid Rubber Benefits

What was once just known and available to industry contractors is now available to residential users too. Liquid Rubber offers a seamless waterproof membrane which is easy to apply and meets the increasing requirements of health, safety and environment considerations in the roofing industry. Liquid rubber can be used in many waterproofing applications and its low cost and versatility has made it one of the most sought after materials in the roofing industry. If you are wondering why people like this material, here are the liquid rubber benefits.

Sound reduction: When this material is applied to buildings with concrete floors, sound would be significantly reduced. The noise reduction would also be felt if the liquid rubber is applied to a metal roof. The material is popularly used in the RV roof repair and stifling the sound of rains by trailer owners.

Heat Reduction: When liquid rubber is applied to the roof, its white color would reduce the transfer of heat to the interior part of a house, vehicle or trailer. This would save you money on your monthly cooling bills, particularly in cooling RV roofs. On the same note, your air conditioner will work for fewer hours, making it to work more efficiently, which reduces maintenance costs. The same benefit can also be seen in houses with pre-existing asphalt roofs that are black in color. The white coating lowers the electricity bills during summer as well as the maintenance costs of the HVAC units.

Waterproofing: Waterproofing benefits of liquid rubber are useful not only in roofing but in flooring too. Water pools cannot penetrate through the liquid rubber coating when it is applied properly. The pools may be swept away or left to dry up.

Rust Reduction: With liquid rubber, you won’t have to strip old roofing material, which makes it perfect for over-coating most substrates such as felt, metal, asphalt, timber, corrugated asbestos and concrete. Moreover, since liquid rubber bonds to substrates completely, it offers the perfect solution for the prevention of rust. Due to its waterproofing property, the liquid rubber coating is usually used to reduce the chances of rust on metal roofing. Some of the structures that can be shielded from rust by applying liquid rubber include RV roofs, metal house roofs, trailers, freestanding garages, awnings and carports.

Long Lasting: Another major benefit of this material is their durability. If you apply the material once, it can last for more than ten years without the addition of more layers. The coating can last more than three times longer compared to other materials.

Ease of Use: Most roof coating materials are a bit difficult to apply and you may be forced to seek the services of a professional. This is where liquid rubber comes in handy. They are very easy to apply such that most DIY buffs can accomplish the task in one day.

Affordable: Liquid rubber offers an affordable option for repairing leaking roofs or preventing the need for general roof maintenance. Moreover, it can extend the lifespan of anything it is applied on.

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